When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie…

Today marks the start of British pie week (yes there really is a week for everything), but we thought we’d take this opportunity to present to you a somewhat tenuous link between pie and pizza…

There is a lot of history when it comes to the humble pizza, or as our friends over the pond call it ‘Pizza Pie’ (see – there is a link). So, we thought we’d give you a very brief history of the Pizza Pie!

Pepperoni pizza in a pan

Origins of the Pizza

Pizza in some form or other has been around for ages, literally, since ancient times people have been putting yummy things on top of flattened bread to make them more flavourful! Some clever people believe that the first pizza was made over 2,000 years ago when Roman soldiers added cheese and olive oil to matzah bread!

Pizza was considered poor street food in 16th century Naples and was not considered a kitchen recipe for a long time, until in the 1800s when a popular story has it that to honour the queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, a Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created the ‘Pizza Margherita’, which consisted of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the Italian flag (…this may not actually be true but it’s a good story!).

Did you know... Until the late 19th century, pizza was a sweet dish? Savoury versions more closely resembled flatbreads!

So, what is a pizza pie?

Pizza pie is a term used mainly by Americans and they refer to pizza as pie due to a literal translation!

When Italian immigrants moved to the US in the 20th century, they made and sold a pizza called ‘pomidore pizza’. This was translated to ‘tomato pie’ in English as it was round and cut into slices…like a pie!

The name stuck and is used colloquially (although possibly not as regularly as the movies might make out)!

The ‘tomato pie’ that the Americans first experienced was a thick focaccia-like base and crust, topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled with seasoning.


How to make an authentic ‘Tomato Pie’ or ‘Pomidore Pizza’

A 1903 edition of the New-York Tribune explained how to make an authentic Pomidore Pizza, why not give it a go?

“The ‘pomidore pizza’ or tomato pie, is made in this fashion. Take a lump of dough, and, under a roller, flatten it out until it is only an inch thick. On this scatter tomatoes and season plentifully with powdered red pepper. Then bake the compound.

‘Salami pizza’ or bologna pie, is made with this under a layer of dough and a combination of tomatoes, cheese, red peppers, and bologna. To use a slang expression, this might be said to be a “red hot” combination”

Did you know... When New Yorkers call a pizza a 'pizza pie' they are referring to the whole pizza and not just a slice.

Want to make your own?

Why not put in your order for our delicious Little Pizza Boxes and try making your very own tomato or bologna pie at home this weekend?

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